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Sue O’Connell


The entire experience was great. Wonderful deals were throughout the store. I had lots of help picking out my pearl necklace. Now I will start my wishlist for next year.



Just driving past this place makes me smile. The team here are all so professional and knowledgeable. They are always willing to share their knowledge on the pieces that will work best for me. They take the time to ask questions. There is so much variety and the pieces are all of spectacular quality. Thank you all for making me look good.



Myself along with multiple friends and family have used Morrison Smith over the years. I have had custom rings made and multiple repairs for other jewelry here. Gari Lynne is fantastic and very easy to work with.

Susan Yow


All of my experiences with Morrison Smith have been positive. In addition to delivering quality products, my main reasons for continuing to come back are Gari Lynne, Terri, Tim, Tom and Samantha. They make me feel like a member of their family. Just a wonderful place to do business.



We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Our 5/5 review cannot be explained in such a small testimonial box! Most of our interaction was with Timothy H. The thing we loved most about Timothy was how personable he was, he called us by our names when we walked in and kept note of the very small details we shared with him each visit. Timothy will be someone my fiancé and I remember for a lifetime. Luyen also made our experience memorable, one thing about him is he made sure to meet us in the middle of his busy day so that when he was working on our piece he could relate to who it belonged to - that spoke wonders to us. Tim and Gari were also very kind and helpful to us and I apologize for the other names we might be forgetting but just know how appreciative we are for everything this store has done for us!

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David Kesling

September 20, 2017

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! Morrison Smith does an excellent job. I can't thank Timothy Hood for the service and expertise he provided in helping me select THE engagement ring for my now fiance. The amount of care and attention Tim puts into his work is unmatched, Morrison Smith you have a good one! He was constantly with me regarding different diamonds based on my preferences, different payment options, etc. I could go on and on. Job well done, the 'ol lady is very pleased and we are so excited. Very thankful for Timothy and Morrison Smith!

Theckla Sterrett

September 22, 2017

I love Morrison Smith Jewelers! I have recently taken in a lot of jewelry to have cleaned , repaired and stones moved from one to another. They have been so helpful, friendly and careful with my jewelry. The finished pieces are beautiful! I would highly recommend them for all your jewelry purchases as they have lovely and elegant things there. I would never go anywhere else!

Heidi McKnight

September 16, 2017

I have gotten several things from Morrison Smith. From the engraving to repairs to just looking at items for my wish list, they are all so professional & VERY nice to work with! I was told about upcoming events, sales & other websites to find gold charms without feeling pushed in any way! I will never do business with anyone else, because I trust each piece of my jewelry being left with them to have something done! Even my heirloom jewelry which takes a lot for me! I can not imagine anyone going to another jewelry store for anything. If you need a nice professional jewelry store you will not be unsatisfied by going here! Have spoken to and delt with 4 different employees & every time I hung up or left I felt so great!

Tony Slagle

June 3, 2017

Awesome service and quality work! I had a custom piece made with a family heirloom stone. Samantha was SO attentive to detail in catering to all my ridiculous requirements and specifications. She made calls to find the best price and delivery time with their vendors and to get the piece customized. The vendor we settled on had actually gone up in price since printing of the book they had in the boutique but she split the difference since I really like that vendor. She also took time to explain recommendations like white gold over platinum because of durability since what I was requesting was rather intricate. While quoting the work, I mentioned concerns about quality of setting / prongs (I've had bad experiences at other places in the past with custom work.) So, in addition to showing examples of items their jeweler had worked on, she assured me that the jeweler who would be setting the stone was one of the best she'd ever worked with - having only recently moved from craftsman side to working the customer side of the business, she can understand and speak to the skill disparity across jewelers. They recommend the same insuring entity that they work with and they request no referral so I feel pretty confident it's an honest recommendation rather than a venue for kickback. They even offer discounts to keep the jewelry appraisal up to date and of course like every reputable jeweler, they'll inspect and clean at no charge. Morrison is top drawer and Samantha was amazingly easy to work with! Turn around was quick and all said and done, I walked away with a piece I'm very happy with plus the assurance that they'll take care of future needs. Totally recommend, especially for custom stuff.

Gavin Rust

October 6, 2017

Bought a beautiful engagement ring for my fiance. Sam was great at making it a relaxed and fun experience. I hand picked the diamond and customized the ring, and I never felt rushed trying to make it perfect. Samantha was a pleasure to work with and was excited to meet my fiance when we returned to select our wedding bands.

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Tony T.


Awesome service and quality work! I had a custom piece made with a family heirloom stone. Samantha was SO attentive to detail in catering to all my...READ MORE

Kenna E.


Best customer service ever. I needed a ring appraised I had received from my parents for my birthday. They had gotten it from an estate sale so I brought...READ MORE

Kelly B.


Just added links to my watch and got the battery replaced. Got both done for the same price another store said it would be to just add the links. Super nice...READ MORE