Spring Antwerp Diamond Buying Trip Coming Up!



Why a diamond from Antwerp?

♦  We hand pick the most beautiful diamonds among hundreds of them in the Diamond Capital of the world...just for you!

♦ We negotiate the best price so you get the best value.

♦ We get the largest and most magnificent diamond within your budget.

♦ We call or text you from Antwerp to discuss what we found and you participate in the final selection.

♦ You can record your conversation with us and then present it to your fiancée after you present the ring.

♦ Now you have a great story to tell and a diamond of extraordinary beauty within your budget.

♦ We can create a custom ring for your diamond or we can set your diamond in an exquisite ring from our inventory.

♦ Now you have the ring and the diamond of her dreams to present to her with a great story!



Testimonials from previous Antwerp customers:

"My husband and I were extremely pleased with the diamond that was selected for my 50th birthday. I continue to get comments every day on how beautiful the diamond is."  -Marilyn S.

"I had total confidence and trust in my 'personal jeweler' to pick that perfect 1-1/2 carat emerald-cut diamond for my engagement ring. It was fun and exciting to communicate by text and pictures as he sat with the diamond cutters in Antwerp and selected my gorgeous diamond."  -John C.

"Having an expert pick a pair of diamonds for my upgraded diamond earrings was a stress-free experience."  -Diane T.