Repairs and Restoration

Whether your jewelry simply needs a clasp replaced or you have aged silver that needs to be restored, Morrison Smith Jewelers provides professional restoration and repair services you can trust for all types of jewelry and gifts. Using the latest technology – like the LASERSTAR 7000 – and old-world craftsmanship, we restore your most treasured jewelry so it can be worn and passed down from generation to generation.

We provide the following Jewelry repair and restoration services:

  • Antique Refurbishing
  • Casting
  • Clasp Adjustment
  • Cleaning and Refinishing
  • Custom Jewelry Repair and Restoration
  • Gemstone Replacement and Tightening
  • Ring and Wedding Band Sizing
  • Pearl Restringing
  • Refinishing and Revitalization
  • Remounting
  • Setting Stones
  • Tips and Prong Repair
  • Watch Repair
  • Appraisals
  • And More

Remember, in order to enjoy jewelry for years to come, it must be taken care of properly and often. At Morrison Smith Jewelers, we want to be the jewelry store in Charlotte, NC that you trust to give your grandmother’s engagement ring and your wedding ring to. We understand that clasps break and diamonds become loose in their settings, and our experienced craftsmen are prepared to help you.

Watch Repair

At Morrison Smith Jewelers, we have a master watchmaker for all of your watch repair needs. Our master watchmaker, Phil Alexander, has been employed with Morrison Smith Jewelers for over 30 years and has been a watchmaker for 55 years. He attended the Spencer School of watch repair and is a Rolex trained technician.

Because of Phil’s expertise and our other experienced craftsmen, we can service, inspect, and repair any watch you have including antique pocket watches, antique watches, and watches you may have received from friends and family.

Morrison Smith recommends that you have your mechanical and auto-winding watches cleaned and serviced every three years to ensure it continues to run properly.

If you come in for service on new batteries, bands, or band adjustments, it can typically be completed while you wait in our Charlotte, NC store. It is our promise that we use genuine, high quality parts for repairs on your watch; service is performed to recommended tolerances.

Prior to proceeding with the watch repair, estimates are provided at no charge. Additionally, a six month limited warranty is given with each watch receiving full service.

Jewelry Appraisals

Morrison Smith Jewelers houses an AGS accredited gem laboratory in our Charlotte, NC store, where certified gemologists are able to prepare expert documentation for insurance, estate, and fair market-value purposes. Our gemologists utilize the latest technological equipment – such as a laser colorimeter and laser proportion scope – for evaluating your cherished items.

For over 62 years, Morrison Smith Jewelers has become a trusted source with an impeccable reputation in the Charlotte, NC area. Our expert staff, craftsmen, and gemologists know gems, jewelry, and precious metals, and we can help you evaluate your jewelry today.

Whether you have your grandfather’s watch or a piece you recently purchased, we will be happy to provide documentation for you. Because the market conditions change year-to-year, we recommend that you have appraisals for your precious jewelry done every three years.


At Morrison Smith Jewelers, we offer hand and machine engraving. Depending on what you would like engraved, our experts are prepared to help you decide whether the hand engraving or machine engraving option is best for you.

Hand Engraving

Morrison Smith Jewelers is proud to have a hand engraver in our Charlotte, NC store. Since 1993, John Flitton has provided Morrison Smith Jewelers – and our customers – with unique talent and experience in hand engraving.

During his 36-year hand-engraving career, John has marked championship cups, humidor boxes for the Masters, and a silver jewelry casket for Margaret Thatcher. Additionally, he designed a silver coffee cup for the Queen of England and a commemorative box for the late Princess Diana.

When Charles Smith interviewed John in 1989, he recognized the caliber of his work and wanted him to begin working right away. After four years, John moved his family to Charlotte, NC and started working at Morrison Smith Jewelers.

His work has included engraving flatware, holloware, giftware, and family crests. John has designed and engraved one-of-a-kind pieces on gold, silver, and platinum jewelry.

With Morrison Smith Jewelers, John has developed a Heraldy design, which is the display of designs and ornament showing a form of identity that can be traced back to the medieval times. His Heraldy designs can be personalized in different ways at an affordable price.

Machine Engraving

Machine engraving is accomplished with different types of power-driven engravers that work off templates or computer-aided designs. The jewelry or gift item is inserted in the machine, and when turned on, the machine forms the letters or graphics.

Machine engravers burrow into or spread the metal apart. It is important to get a deep impression for the engraving to last a long time.